The Third Party (2016) Full Movie HD 720p English Sub

The Third Party (2016) English Sub

Andi, an aspiring fashion designer, is trying to win back her first love slash ex-beau, Max, a surgeon. Andi thought her plan to win Max’s heart will go smoothly, but Max found a new love unto a gay pediatrician named Christian.

The scene ends with a lovely gesture. Andi, confused by the discovery, hesitates as to how she will express all the overwhelming emotions to her mother, the last person she wants to share such intimacy with. She hasn’t forgiven her, but she has admitted to at least understanding her mistakes. They end up tearfully embracing. The embrace however is beautifully awkward, one that is given as an act of surrender. Andi is no longer in a position to judge her mother the way she has judged her throughout the years.

Laxamana’s characters are never easy, and Andi, who has found herself penniless, pregnant, and dependent on the good graces of a gay couple, is hardly the most likeable of characters. Her decisions, such as the one where she breaks up with her boyfriend because she cannot stand being in a long distance relationship, are mostly done in haste.

 Laxamana cleverly masks Andi’s on obnoxiousness with endearing traits that render her tolerable at least until we get a glimpse of any real redeeming humanity. He grants her a tomboyish charm, one that Locsin expertly perpetuates with her hard-boiled vibe. He places her in situations that make her charismatic, reminiscing about the good times over sticks of various streetfood, and singing sad love songs at a local karaoke bar. It is only with that scene with her mother however that Andi admits to her gross imperfections, and perhaps too conveniently, earns that sliver of redemption that is just enough to fully appreciate her predicament.

The Third Party (2016) Full Movie

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