That Thing Called Tanga Na (2016) Full HD 720p

That Thing Called Tanga Na (2016) Full Movie

The story of five friends – a rich gay lawyer, a closeted security guard,

a gay fashion designer, a transgender and a female trying hard singer/events specialist – each of whom has a story …

That Thing Called Tanga Na is easily living sociology on the evolution of gay relationships in the country.

In the Lino Brocka film, Tubog Sa Ginto some decades back, gay relationships are hidden specially if the partner is married.

The role of the “straight” husband played by Eddie Garcia was a landmark film in the early ‘70s and it earned for the Bicolano actor several awards.

In direk Joel’s new film penned by Senedy Que,

the case of the threesome relationships is once again explored and indeed they have drastically evolved through the years.

The husband’s third party (a gay partner) has become acceptable to the wife when she learned the “mistress” shares the major part of the family expenses.

He is rewarded with more time for the husband and even a baby on which he can imagine himself as “fulfilled mother.”

The third party even postpones his sex transplant plan in order to tide up the family of his lover.

The stuff of This Thing Called Tanga Na is romance-cum-comedy and parody.

The successful designer (Kean Cipriano) wins back his high school crush who got married to his best friend. When friend finally found the love of his life,

he agrees to do the bridal gown provided he spends the night with the ex-lover.

Gay obsession is parodied in the film with one character seen with oversized crotch and thus becoming the object of everyone’s obvious (and hidden) desires.


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