My Big Love (2008) Full Movie DVD

My Big Love (2008)

Sam Milby stars as Macky, a nice, courteous, well-bred educated culinary chef. He has all the qualities of an ideal man—except that he is overweight. Penchant for food is his constant mindset. Cooking his element, and eating, his pastime!

Now meet the two women that affect his life: Nina (Kristine Hermosa), is the young socialite-columnist who is Macky’s forever crush. To Nina, Macky becomes the secret admirer, showering her with food, flowers, gifts. On the other side of the fence is Aira (Toni Gonzaga) the ever-vibrant fitness instructor. To Aira Macky becomes a knight-in-distress, she motivates him to lose the weight he wants to lose in order to win Nina over.

What happens next is a journey of finding one’s self, of discovering the best in each of us, and the unveiling of true love that goes beyond the looks—and weight!Pastry chef Macky (Sam Milby) has struggled with his weight for most of his life. It’s not easy being fat, especially when you’re in love with a young socialite columnist named Niña (Kristine Hermosa). He has been her constant secret admirer, surprising Niña every time with cakes and flowers. Everything is going well until Niña meets Macky, who gets the shock of her life when she sees Macky in his 300-pound glory. Then comes Aira (Toni Gonzaga), the ever-vibrant fitness instructor who knows how to motivate her clients well. Being the breadwinner of the family, she has to double her effort to meet their daily needs. After a number of failed attempts, Macky finally agrees to be her client.

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