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Love Me Tomorrow (2016)

Love Me Tomorrow opens with Christy (Dawn Zulueta), a middle-aged woman who just lost her husband to stroke and her kids to adulthood. Alone and with only the clothes designing to keep her busy, she asks herself (in the typical Star Cinema voice-over fashion) if there is anything else a woman with her circumstances can live for.

JC (Piolo Pascual), the thirty-something resident DJ of a club who is fast turning into a relic within the circle where he finds his identity, seems to be the answer to Christy’s question. After a few awkward chance encounters, the two unsurprisingly fall in love, notwithstanding the observable gap in age. Janine (Coleen Garcia), the twenty-something self-styled model and promoter of JC’s club, has always been pining for JC’s attention.

Santos, his frequent collaborator Jeff Stelton, and lifestyle blogger G3 San Diego come up with a familiar world where age is both an asset and a liability. There is an admirable attempt to flesh out the culture that is on its surface is a melting pot for people of varying maturities and background but on the inside is fueled by outward appearances. The film deliberately mines a lot of its humor from the awkwardness of older women hanging out in hip and trendy places, but the comedy only reinforces Santos and his team’s goal of enunciating their characters’ desperation to act outside their age in an effort to belong in an era where age is supposedly just a number. Romance rears its ugly head The film is more than fluent in depicting its environment and its values. Santos, whose The Animals (2012) and #Y (2014) explore the dilemmas of self-entitled upper-crust kids, is clearly more comfortable in shaping a milieu that he is familiar with. When tasked to sneak outside his comfort zone, he more often than not stumbles, as in the case of Ex with Benefits (2015) and Lila (2016), films where he is forced to follow rigid formulas that are only minutely peppered by his interests with the present-day youth’s complex psychology.

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