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Last Night (2017)

Last Night (2017)

While attempting to commit suicide, a despondent man meets a distressed woman.

Mark (Piolo Pascual) stands on the ledge of the Jones Bridge ready to take his own life when he sees Carmina (Toni Gonzaga) dangling off the railing, crying for help. She had jumped ahead of him and failed to kill herself. Mark climbs down to save her and after some time spent together, they form a pact to commit suicide together.

What follows this morbid meet-cute in Bb. Joyce Bernal’s latest film with Star Cinema is one of the most unsettlingly romantic and one-dimensional portrayals of suicide in recent memory. Suicide is an extreme choice people make as a result of multiple interplaying factors, Watch Free Online last night and in reality, there’s nothing cute, romantic or redemptive about the act.Multiple mental health organizations have published guidelines for the responsible portrayal of suicide in film and television (here’s a good one from Samaritans, a suicide hotline in the UK).

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