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The Escort (2016)


The Escort is about Yassi (Lovi Poe), who at the start of the movie is working as a waitress. While working one night, she catches the eye of Cyrus (Derek Ramsay), who runs an escort agency.

He intends to draw Yassi into becoming an escort, hiring her as a receptionist. He’s hoping that exposure to the work will tempt her into doing it. What he didn’t expect is that he’d fall in love with her.

This becomes a real issue when the recently widowed businessman Gary Montenilla (Christopher de Leon) becomes a client of his company. Cyrus has been pursuing the businessman for a while, and initially offers up Yassi as a selling point.

Would you sell your soul to the devil in exchange for a life of comfort? Williams’ “The Escort” takes a sizable bite out of the intriguing narrative conceit of Adrian Lyne’s “Indecent Proposal.”But the answer the visually delectable film (thanks, Lee Meily and Sherman So) offers ends up getting mired in static,

slow-grinding scenes that meander aimlessly as it revels in its characters’ amoral lives.Williams spins his humorless yarn about a reluctant escort (Poe) and her narcissistic pimp (Ramsay), who get dragged into deadly situations when they fall in love with each other.If all you want is to see Lovi and Derek in various stages of undress,

you’ll probably find something creepily satisfying about the film. But if you yearn for some useful insight into the skin trade it’s supposed to examine, you’ll most likely leave the theater empty-handed—unless you’ll see something we didn’t

Cash-strapped widow Alice (Reaser) and her daughters, Lina (Annalise Basso) and Doris (Lulu Wilson), make ends meet by fortune telling. Their luck begins to change for the better when they obtain a Ouija board that allows Doris to communicate with dead people.

Alice treats it as an opportunity to help people, by giving them the closure they need after the death of their loved ones.But, the board also attracts restless spirits who see Doris as a “vessel” they can use to settle old scores and scare people out of their wits. Doris’ situation goes from bad to worse.

Can school principal, Father Tom (Henry Thomas), help them shoo the sinister forces away?The film utilizes a predictable structure common among horror flicks: There’s a vulnerable child, a house with a sordid past, and Cimmerian entities that go bump in the night.

It’s scary, but its manipulated scare tactics are sometimes devoid of logic. The absence of urgency in the characters’ faces—especially  when a dead body suddenly drops from the ceiling—gives the movie’s compromised lucidity (and stupidity)

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