Double Barrel (2017) Full HD

Sige, Iputok Mo!


Double Barrel (2017)

Watch Full Movie Double Barrel (2017) Let’s imagine Toto Natividad’s Double Barrel: Sige, Iputok Mo! being released during the golden age of action films, when most cinemas weren’t occupied by romances starring lanky teenagers but by brawny men playing all sorts of anti-heroes.

Alongside classics like Mario O’Hara’s Bagong Hari (1986) where Dan Alvaro plays a bastard caught in between two warring politicians, or Deo Fajardo, Jr.’s Anak ni Baby Ama (1990) where Robin Padilla plays a convicted felon out for revenge, Double Barrel wouldn’t have made much of an impact since its plot of an ex-drug peddler (AJ Muhlach) being recruited by corrupt cops to assassinate the drug lords he used to work for would prove to be too incredulous to result in anything other than cheap thrills out of gross brutality.

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