Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita(1998) Full Movie

Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita(1998)

Mela is a campus beauty who’s earned the reputation of a “Bad Girl.” But underneath the seductive clothing and uninhibited behavior is a sensitive and vulnerable soul. Mela hides a painful past. Her mother died at a young age, leaving her father desolate and driving him to alcoholism. Numerous beatings from her father caused Mela to run away from home, and seek shelter with an aunt. Despite living an immoral life as a mistress, Mela’s aunt is kind-hearted and loving to her ward. Mela herself constantly seeks acceptance and satisfaction in relationships with different men.

Mela’s current boyfriend, Ryan, is also a troubled soul who cannot get along with his father. The youngest and the only boy among three children, Ryan’s source of emotional support is his mother. Mela and Ryan start off as friends before going steady, but it is not long before Ryan becomes unfaithful.

Hurt and determined to change her destiny, Mela resolves to look for “Mr. Perfect,” who turns out to be Miguel. Rich, intelligent, and good-mannered. A typical aristocrat guy who is always formal, all-business and snobbish. He portrays the typical “guy-next-door” women fall for, but has an superior personality which is a turn-off. Miguel’s only fault is his tendency to rigid self-discipline. Besides being a member of the school’s discipline committee, Miguel also helps manage the family business. Miguel’s father died while he was young, and his mother was left to raise him and his brother. His brother also died, suffering a broken heart from a relationship with an immoral wife.

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