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Can’t Help Falling in Love Full Movie(2017) Full Movie

After accepting a job as a caregiver in Italy, a young woman meets a man depressed over the end of his recent relationship.Upon getting engaged, a woman finds out that she is already accidentally married to a stranger and goes about getting her marriage annulled.‘

Can’t Help Falling in Love’ film reviewA typical romantic comedy lifted by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s mature performances

Published: 14:15 April 20, 2017 Tabloid Irish Eden R. Belleza, Videographer Less than a year after Barcelona: A Love Untold, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla team up again for the big screen in romantic comedy flick Can’t Help Falling In Love, where both actors explore more mature roles.
The movie tells how a girl living in an almost perfect world suddenly has to cope with unexpected twists in life.
As the two try to figure out what had happened, Gab somehow starts breaking her own rules to survive the confusing situation. But with the unexpected twists and turns in her well-planned life, came a change of heart as well.
Widely popular among their Filipino followers, the duo known as KathNiel have certainly improved their craft both individually and as a couple, and most fans on Wednesday evening’s special screening came out satisfied with their performance

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